After Revenue Correction: Apple Share Drops Up to 10 Percent

After Apple CEO Tim Cook informed investors about a slowdown in sales, investors saw strong ones Faced with price losses. Apple shares lost in international markets at stock market opening up to 10 percent of their value. On the longer term development in view of the bad news may be curious, with the paper, it has been going downhill for weeks now. At the beginning of October, the stock was still nibbling at the 200-euro mark, currently the price stands at 125 euros.

Apple share price slump

Still record number of new iPhone -Activations

The Apple boss is still confident. In a New Year’s letter to his co-workers, Cook once again reiterates that China’s development is responsible for the current bad news. Apart from that, however, Apple can again report record numbers. Not only from the product areas Services, Wearables and Mac there are positives to announce, above all also with the iPad one could grow strongly in the comparison area in the same quarter in the previous year in the double-digit range grow.

Cook also suggests that his company was able to sell a lot of iPhones in the Christmas business despite the China misery. Once again, the US and Canada have recorded a record number of newly activated Apple phones over the Christmas holidays. So the bottom line is that the total number of Apple devices enabled has reached a new record.

Apple will release its financials for the months October to December on January 29th. Originally, the company had expected sales of between $ 89 billion and $ 93 billion for that period, and this guidance has been revised down to $ 84 billion.