Apple Music Connect: Gnadenschuss for the artist platform

The question of whether Apple’s communication platform for musicians and fans, Apple Music Connect, had already failed as a fan portal , we have already made in November 2015. Even then, just six months after the launch of the PING successor, the platform, which could only be used via Apple’s end devices, could be flattered by the adjective “lifeless”.


While celebrity profiles did get going in the beginning, the activities of the listed artists slept shortly after the launch of the platform (and probably with them) the end of Apple’s contractual obligations). The community shrugged.

Janet Jackson, one of the few profiles with continuous initial activity, delivered the publicity for her world tour in this country in Japanese and use Apple Music Connect to advertise medicine campaigns , Although musicians and bands such as TLC, Bruno Mars and the Beastie Boys were initially represented on the portal within the music application, they remained largely silent and followed Apple’s favorite Moby.

The US musician too , or the commissioned short message writers from the PR team of almost daily active on Facebook sound artist, made two months after the start of a wide arc to the already complicated to use Apple Music Connect.


Now Apple has decided to mercy shot. Although the available artist content should be displayed until the coming spring, already Apple has the artists, however, the opportunity to make their own contributions and will remove them in the long term completely from the profile pages. After all: Dedicated stars may still publish their own playlists.

Like before the Apple network PING adopted Apple Music Connect from Apple’s service offerings – a development that was already at the start of iOS 10 looming.

The “Connect to Apple Music” support page clearly shows how drastically the cut goes. While the German version still explains the portal at the moment, the English version merely states: “Connect posts from artists are no longer supported.”

Apple explains Apple Music Connect in German

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