Apple Video: New JJ Abrams Series and New Casting Chief

Contrary to the agreements, long-term planning and contract signing in the hardware and software business, Apple has been ever more guarded by curious looks and kept under lock and key, Apple’s efforts in the entertainment industry are an open secret.

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The market value of many actors, producers and studios is often directly related to the headline density of sometimes more, sometimes less prominent ones contributors. Accordingly, the understanding of the industry for silent agreements and deals behind closed doors is correspondingly small.

This leads to an irritating semi-public of the still unannounced video streaming service Cupertinos. On the one hand, no one knows when, at what cost, to what extent and under what name Apple’s service will start, on the other hand, many of Apple’s previously commissioned series and film production and the personal details of the video service publicly known – reported .

Variety is currently informing about a new serial production of Apple’s – produced by JJ Abrams and featuring Jennifer Garner in the lead role.

“My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,” based On the other hand, the Hollywood Reporter reports on changes in the life of the company. Management of the video service. After a lengthy search, Apple hired former Sony employee Tamara Hunter as the new casting chief.

Following an extensive search, Apple has recruited Sony’s Tamara Hunter to serve as its head of casting. Hunter, who spent the past two years as the head of feature casting for Sony Pictures Entertainment, wants to serve in the same capacity and oversee film and television projects for Apple.

Hunter is in charge of old acquaintances there. Only in June 2017, Apple announced that the two former Sony managers Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg in the future to direct the television destiny of Apple and to work directly with Eddy Cue.