CornerTube: YouTube videos on the iPad as picture-in-picture playback

The iPad and especially the iPad Pro offer plenty of space on the display. Since it is close, that one comes to the idea of ​​running a video incidentally in a corner of the screen while you check, for example, mails. The in-house YouTube app does not offer this option, so there is room for third-party providers.

The CornerTube app has just been released. It offers the opportunity to play a YouTube video for 1.99 € and still work in other applications. Unlike other apps that share similar goals, CornerTube relies on minimalism.

CornerTube relies on an App to display the video content and a Today widget, as well as an action extension for the sharing Menu of other apps.

So you can almost any app copy a link and access with the Today widget directly to the stored link and play the video directly. With the sharing menu extension, you can pass the link directly to CornerTube in apps that support it, to watch the video.


CornerTube is thus different from other apps, which also bring a picture-in-picture feature, but also like to replace the entire YouTube app and thus shoot something beyond the target.

The visual Disadvantage that we discover at ConrnerTube is the price. The developer requires € 1.99 for it. Other YouTube app replacement tools are available for free. Incidentally, it is also questionable how long the app will be available in the AppStore. Google is well known for removing unpleasant competition. Also note the system requirements. CornerTube does not support the first iPad models and also requires iOS 9.

CornerTube – PiP fo
Tiny Whale Pte Ltd $ 2.99