“Death does not make a snowball fight”: Apple gives away thriller audio book

At Apple you can just dust off an audiobook for a change. In the iTunes Store or on the Books app on iOS devices is entertaining thriller “Death does not make a snowball fight” for a short time for free download.

Itunes Store Free Hoar Crime

The book is the fourth part of the “Hirschgrund series” by Susanne Hanika. Do not expect world literature, but the stories are perfect as a pastime when driving into the winter holidays or preparing for the New Year’s Eve party. The currently free story has a playing time of 5 hours and 14 minutes.

Winter magic on the campsite! The Hirschgrund is snow-covered, the lake is frozen over, the sun is shining. No wonder it does not keep Sofia’s permanent camper at home on the sofa. With mulled wine, gingerbread and speculoos in their luggage, they travel without further ado to winter camping. The mood is exuberant – until Sofia stumbles over a man while skating: Frozen and mousetot! Was it an ice-cold murder? The police assume, because apparently everyone had a motive on the square. Sofia, however, is determined to prove to the police officers that she and her campers are innocent. The commissioner may still be so cute! “Death does not make a snowball fight” is the fourth part of the successful series of the Bavarian thriller “Sofia and the Hirschgrund murders” by Susanne Hanika. Crime meets humor, northern lights on Bavarian Dickskull, single again woman on puppy love and joke Commissioner – in addition to a lot of bodies, murderers and crooks. And all this against a wonderful Bavarian backdrop!

Unlike ordinary e-book offers, the action runs only at Apple and not available from other vendors for free. However, the Amazon subsidiary Audible also has a special campaign on the starting line on December 31: For new customers there is an audiobook for the trial subscription.