Deformed at the factory: Delivery of bent iPad Pro according to Apple “normal”

If Santa Claus meant it well with you and in four days the new, 12, 9 “iPad Pro is under the tree, then we have a prophylactic recommendation for you: Checks the device for deformations.

IPad Bent

The Verge shows an affected iPad Pro

A guarantee that the new tablet does not come with a lightweight Even the proud price of € 1,439 for the 256GB LTE model does not even exist.

So Apple has now confirmed not only that some devices are already delivered deformed, but against the technology portal “The Verge” also stated that this condition is production-related and is not classified by the company as a reclamable defect.

“Side effect of the manufacturing process”

Really? Yes! Verge reporter Chris Welch’s paragraph leaves little room for different interpretations:

Apple has confirmed to The Verge that some of its iPad Pros 2018 will be delivered with a slight bend in the aluminum chassis. However, according to the company, this is a side effect of the device’s manufacturing process and should not degrade over time or affect the performance of the iPad in a practical way. Apple does not consider it a shortage.

So take the Christmas present under the microscope and use in case of doubt, the two-week return window for online orders, subsequently complained products are likely to be rejected by Apple Support.

As I said: A slight crease – we remember Apple’s current numeric keypads – is apparently quite normal. Even without a force from the outside, this seems to happen with preference to the antenna bands of the LTE module.