DLF24: Also on the Web a definite news recommendation

On the iPhone we have been counting since the debut of the DLF24 application in May 2017 among the fans of the Deutschlandfunk offered news overview.

Free of charge (as already financed by the broadcasting fee), however, not only the ballast-free iPhone app is recommended, the accompanying news portal on dlf24.de also deserves a place in your bookmarks.

Apart from the pleasant luxury of the radio station, in the headline offer to be able to completely do without banner ads, dlf24.de also makes a large arc around the usual “A Kessel Bunte” headlines, which are on the pages almost all let track serious news portal and annoying with leaderboards, funny videos and curious Netzfundstücken.

In addition to the news coverage, DLF24 focuses on the three departments of “culture”, “knowledge” and “sports”, comes with a responsive website, small but sufficient weather graphics and an always available audio recording of the most recently broadcasted “Nachrichten zur full hours “.

Dlf 24 Large

Free of Clickbait, DLF24 is also comfortable when it comes to slaughtering spectacular news. Once the facts are presented, the articles stop. DLF24 knows neither photo-clicks yet, nor is it based on the otherwise omnipresent “bury the lead” strategy.

So: Even if the DLF24 portal hides behind the incredibly bulky domain deutschlandfunk.de/dlf24-startseite.1441.de.html – we recommend the site as a slim alternative or supplement to your other news -Program.