FRITZ! Box: New mesh function interferes with network devices

The help entry that the network supplier D-Link has in its support portal under the heading “My Camera Works not with my Fritzbox “has published, is a hard swatter for the Berlin-based company AVM, whose marketing department, the new mesh function of the group have declared the main feature of the current FRITZ! Box router.

Dlink Omna

On the website “AVM Mesh-Issue” it says at D-Link:

With the last firmware update has introduced AVM in the Fritzbox a new “Mesh WLAN”. The new system shows more problems with the integration of D-Link cameras, smart home devices and devices from other manufacturers.

As a current solution we can only recommend a firmware downgrade to the last Fritzbox firmware without MESH.

It’s rare enough for third-party competitors to publicly blame for compatibility issues. Often, the industry relies on informal cooperation to quickly remove bugs from the world.

However, D-Link’s downgrade recommendation has added value and reads as if it had been a benevolent attempt to solve the problem and had hit the wall vigorously.

The effects of incompatibility are not without, according to reader Tullio D-Links HomeKit camera, the Omna 180, in Fritz! BOX mesh no longer use:

[…] For quite some time, the camera does not work anymore, so when I’m out of the house and the camera is active no connection is made, although the camera should actually work perfectly. I have scoured the page of the manufacturer and have found the following note.

So there seems to be a problem in combination with the FRITZ! Box. The solution proposed by the support can not be that you should completely dispense with mesh and downgrade its FRITZ! Box. […]

Our request to AVM, what the downgrade recommendation is all about and how the corporation will react to it, is currently waiting to be answered.