Government Requests: Apple Releases New Transparency Report

Apple has updated its Transparency Report. The company regularly publishes details on the number of government inquiries regarding customer data. Now the information for the first half of 2018 is available. During this period, German authorities have requested a total of 15,234 Apple applications and received 11,843 requests. In the first half of the previous year, the total number of inquiries was 13,708.

The bulk of these inquiries are rather unspectacular with the loss and theft of equipment or fraud. In 13,704 cases, Apple was asked to assist with the investigation of such offenses, for example, when searching for the rightful owner of a device. The basis for this can be, for example, the serial number of the devices. A little more than eight percent of the inquiries related to the financial sector, for example fraudulent use of credit cards or iTunes coupons.

Apple Transparency Report Germany January to June 2018

Delikater it becomes with so-called account inquiries. In 292 cases, German authorities have knocked at Apple’s door to obtain information about user accounts, such as the name and address of the account holder and account details for Apple services. Here 203 inquiries were answered, thereby according to Apple possibly also content data of customers like photos, E-Mails, backups of iOS devices, contacts or calendars are called.

With the nine emergency inquiries in Germany circumstances were asserted, implying an immediate risk of death or the risk of serious bodily injury. Here, not only lump-sum violent crimes, but also cases of missing persons come into question.

Apple provides these numbers sorted by country for retrieval. The overview for Germany can be found here, in full the transparency report can be viewed here as a PDF.