iPad Pro Bent: Apple’s Former “Marketing Director” Announces

Michael Gartenberg, for a time representing Apple’s payroll as a “Senior Marketing Director,” has come across Christmas on Twitter’s short news portal worded and poured oil into the fire or into the debate over the factory-bent iPad Pro models.

Returned my iPad this morning. Maybe it was in Apple tolerances.

– Michael Gartenberg (@Gartenberg) December 24, 2018

The former Apple employee , who has also written a technical column for the online magazine Engadget, is now one of those users who had to return their recently purchased iPad Pro due to a case defect.

I have this morning returned my iPad. Maybe this was still within the Apple tolerances, but these should not allow visible bends. This is just as unacceptable as monitors with visible pixel errors.

On December 20, Apple provided a statement from the press department for headlines on the Web and disbelieving shake of the head among customers.

So the group referred to reasonable manufacturing tolerances to answer a request from the technology portal “The Verge”. This had asked in Cupertino whether the group could comment on user reports, according to which individual iPad Pro models were already shipped from the factory with a slightly bent housing.

via patentlyapple