Mac: Missing Dust Filters Cause Screen Errors

Class action lawsuits against Apple are more or less common in the US. This claim is firmly anchored in the local legal system and has here and there already ensured that Apple is forced to legitimate concessions to its customers. Often, however, most of the procedures instituted by such specialized law firms seem a bit far-fetched. Currently, Apple is exposed to the allegation that missing filters MacBooks and iMacs would cause the devices to lose performance and be affected by screen problems.

Leading law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro is not taking it first Times with Apple, but was successful in claiming damages for price fixing in the sale of e-books against Apple asserted, even in the dispute over the so-called “iPhone brake” the firm was active against Apple.

Dust Image

Photos: Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro

Now the law firm is filing a class action lawsuit against Apple, because dust sucked in by the computer’s ventilation systems causes streaks on the screen could and also affect the performance of the computer. Affected are both iMacs and Apple notebooks, so all Macs with a screen.

In fact, there are Mac owners who complain about problems. However, at least so far, the number of these reports has been rather low and the assessment certainly depends on the circumstances under which the devices are used. Whether it would actually be useful to install filters in the devices, which in turn have to be regularly maintained again, is an open question. However, Apple has to be persuaded that the computers of other manufacturers are usually easier to open and clean.

Via MacRumors