Netflix Bandersnatch: Interactive Video Experiment for Browser and App

The Netflix Production Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is not only a hot topic at the moment, it’s also a disappointment for Apple TV Users. In contrast to consumption via the Netflix website or the app of the video service, they can not determine in which direction the action develops. However, Apple TV users are not alone with this, and for technical reasons, Fire TV devices, Google Chromecast or users of the Windows app are also out of the picture.

A recommendation is ours with a base time of 90 minutes given stripes but still worth it. The production combines film and playful content in an entertaining, but increasingly sophisticated way. After all, the fate of the lead actor is in your hands and the consequences of the decisions you make do not always feel good.

Bandersnatch is an interactive movie that decides how to go about the story. A programmer designs a video game in 1984 based on a fantasy novel. Several end variants promise a mind-expanding experience.

Of course, a Netflix account is required. Overall, several hours of material are available for the different versions of the story. The action proceeds smoothly according to your course setting without a noticeable cut. If you like, you can watch the movie several times to follow different storylines. As a sober alternative, look at this flowchart, which, according to its creator, considers all options and possible outcomes of the story.