New year, new shell: Fish 3.0 for macOS released

The basic recommendation for Mac users who dive into the terminal of their machine every now and then is ours As early as 2017, you should take a look at the Fish Shell.

The free alternative to the factory-installed bash shell comes, among other things, from the pen of a longtime Apple employee and falls through a simple scripting Syntax highlighting, clear configuration files, autocomplete and useful syntax highlighting on.

Now Fish (short for: “Friendly Interactive Shell”) is available for download in version 3.0. A release accompanied by a lengthy leaflet that has re-implemented, thrown or substantially improved many features. So a perfect time to switch to Fish.

fish 3 is a major release, which introduces some breaking changes and improved functionality.

Similar to the ZSH Shell, Fish understands how to automatically complete inputted terminal commands (and orientates itself even with the command references of the MAN pages), supports the 24-bit True Color output and can be configured with the help of its own web interface.

Fish Configuration

For Mac users who want to switch to Fish (maybe even a trial version), an installer and a simple terminal app are available for download – advanced users can also install Fish using brew install fish via Homebrew.

See the extensive Fish documentation here – who else can try Fish here in the browser.