Page Video: 300 Pages Apple Photo Book

Almost everything has been said about Apple’s new photo book, “Designed by Apple in California.” In about 300 comments, you have in recent days expressed praise, criticism, incomprehension, buying interest and skepticism and underlined it: Apple’s $ 300 MacBook makes for controversial opinions.

Book 500

Sponge over it. Regardless of whether you have already ordered the illustrated book on the company’s history or are still excited about Cupertino’s self-confident pricing, check out the embedded video from Youtubers “DetroitBORG”. This presents you the view of the last 20 years of Apple design page by page and takes us on a tour of the 450 images of the hardcover book.

Buyers who have already been supplied can still have their copy packed in – critical users who would not buy the Apple book “at no cost for this price” are allowed to view the perfectly staged photo shots without having to first load their credit card , And everyone goes to the weekend with a smile on their faces.

Thanks Niklas.