Picture-in-Picture: Chrome 70 can now offload videos

Mac users, who typically rely on Google’s Chrome browser, no longer need to fret that the image-in-picture feature introduced with macOS Sierra requires Apple’s Safari browser. Chrome 70 is now synonymous to offloading running web video.

Picture In Picture

Users only need to make sure that the current version of Chrome is installed and persuades running web videos with a two-finger double-click to display the context menu. Once this is unfolded, the “Picture in Picture” option decouples the running video from the browser window and places the video on the desktop as a freely scalable overlay window.

While YouTube is already working from the factory supported, other sites may require the use of a browser extension before they have replenished support for the Chrome feature – here, among other things, helps the plug-in Picture-in-Picture by François Beauf.



  • Safari extension: PiPifier activates picture-in-picture function
  • Safari: Picture in-picture without any extensions
  • Activate and use a picture-in-picture function on the Mac