Smart Home Partnerships: Gardena and HomeKit, IKEA and Xiaomi

The cooperation announced at the end of November by Swedish furniture giant IKEA and Chinese technology giants Xiaomi is the first to win Fruit.

Xiaomi Ikea

IKEA and Xiaomi

So Xiaomi has his official MI application (the iOS application is the smart home control center of the Asians, with which, for example, the suction robots of the company can be checked) is now being prepared for the first time for interaction with IKEA products. reader Pascal, who has just installed the update, announces:

There was an update of the MiHome App … At the end of 2018 a cooperation with Ikea had been announced, Now the Ikea lamps can be added with the Gateway Xiaomi V3 (HomeKit version). Incidentally, I am very satisfied with the Aqara System (HomeKit) … Only the camera would have to get HomeKit.

And we will definitely keep the Aqara system in view again this year.

Gardena and HomeKit

Another reader has received the announcement of garden specialist Gardena, communicated in August.

In autumn 2018, he promised to use Apple’s HomeKit technology in the future as well.

As the company support now announces, this is apparently to be rolled out before the start of this year’s garden season. reader “AppleFreak” reports:

The GARDENA support has informed me on request today:

Thank you for your request.
We are sorry to help you do not yet give a precise date when the implementation of Apple Home Kit is possible. However, we can assure you that we are working with a high priority at this point. As of today, we are very optimistic to make this feature available to our customers well before the start of the new gardening season.