Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro initially not with German keyboard layout

With regard to the release date of the iPad Pro, Apple continues to make it exciting. Even five weeks after the presentation, we have no specific date, let alone prices for the European area.

For the iPad Pro as well as for the new iPad introduced with the giant iPad, Apple has so far only the called for the US prices. According to that, the entry-level model with 32 GB of memory is $ 799, the version with 128 GB of storage costs $ 949, and the top model with 128 GB and LTE is available for $ 1079.

For the pencil Pencil calls Apple has a price of $ 99 and the keyboard case Smart Keyboard is priced at $ 169. The following sentence in the product description of the keyboard case has escaped us so far and was at least according to Google Cache two days ago not even included in the product description:

The Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro is only with the Keyboard layout available for English (US)

The new limitation apparently added by Apple in Germany and other European countries leaves no doubt that the keyboard case, at least for the launch of the iPad Pro, is not yet available with a German keyboard layout becomes. A conclusive reason for this is Apple to all iPad Pro prospective customers to date guilty. (Thanks Michael)