Sonos plans to offer dedicated satellite speakers in the future

Sonos wants to optimize the surround functions of its sound systems and will probably offer “real” satellite speakers in the future. This is suggested by the FCC published documents.

According to FCC documentation (via Variety), the new “S18” speakers have been tested in conjunction with the Sonos Playbar introduced five years ago. The latter is described in this context as a “master device”. According to the documents, these are wireless speakers that can be connected via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Sonos S18 Test

The term “Wireless Smart Speaker (Right) not only lets you close the function as a stereo satellite, but also points out the possibility of voice control. Sonos has been integrating Amazon Alexa for some time now. Likewise, the new speakers appear to be equipped with touch-sensitive controls, images are unfortunately not included in the FCC documents.

The last product launch by Sonos is now well over half a year back. Since July 2018, the “Mini-Playbar” Sonos Beam equipped with Alexa and AirPlay 2 is available in Germany.