Sonos Speakers Connect Directly to Wi-Fi

Sonos wants to disconnect itself in the long run from the requirement that a system component is connected to the home network by cable. In future, it should also be possible to operate the wireless speaker systems of the manufacturer without the hitherto obligatory bridge or a cable-connected loudspeaker.


Until it so far, it will still take a while. The manufacturer is currently in an early stage of testing and intends to release the functional enhancement on a software basis only then who can guarantee the usual stability of the system. So far, it is required that one of the Sonos components is connected to the home network or router via an Ethernet cable to set up a Sonos wireless network.

Such an extension would be particularly useful to users with good wireless connectivity and limited access Access to the wired home network or router. However, the manufacturer does not want to completely replace the Sonos bridge. The base station for the Sonos wireless network continues to be considered an important part of the Sonos product family and is an important guarantor of stability and quality, especially on weak wireless networks.