That was the Apple year 2018

On the last day of the year, let’s take a look at the things that Apple released in 2018 and did not publish. Over the past twelve months, we have had more than three new iPhone models available.

Apple Store Muenchen

HomePod, iPad 9.7 “and one red iPhone

In early February, Apple’s announced Smart Speaker HomePod went on sale in the US and Australia in June 2017. A month later, the release of the new iPad 9.7 “with Apple Pencil support followed the first new Apple hardware offering this year. Another month later, a RED special edition of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus came on the market in April.


AirPlay 2, again HomePod and a new MacBook Pro

At the end of May Apple delivered the long-promised features AirPlay 2 and News in iCloud with iOS 11.4. In addition, the launch of the HomePod in Germany was officially announced. Three weeks later, the Apple loudspeaker was then officially launched in Germany for the price of 349 euros. Another four weeks later, on June 12, we received a revised version of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Apple has responded in particular to the massive criticism of the keyboard of its predecessor and tried to make this using a plastic membrane not only quieter, but also less sensitive to contamination.

Macbook Pro 2018

Three new iPhone models

After the summer break, September brought three new iPhone models, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, with the first two still in their hands Available month, the iPhone XR followed on October 26th. In addition, Tim Cook conjured up a new Apple Watch with ECG function from the hat. Accompanying the launch of the new devices was also iOS 12 on September 17 and a week later macOS Mojave released.

New iPads and Macs

By the end of October, Apple was then with new hardware announcements to the site. In addition to the new iPad Pro with USB-C port, Mac models were finally introduced to the Mac and MacBook Air models to the delight of Mac users. Both technically significantly improved, but also quite a bit more expensive than their predecessors.

Tim Cook Mac Mini

Not all desires were fulfilled

In vain this year, we waited for the AirPower wireless charger announced on September 12, 2017 and thus for a new version of the AirPods. Apple had promised both (for the AirPods at least a battery case, which can be charged wirelessly) for the current year. Even if there is no confirmation from the official side, technical problems may be the reason for the radio silence in this regard.

That we’re the sequel to the failed Apple Mac in 2013, with the words “Can not innovate anymore, my ass.” Pro no longer see this year, we already know since the spring. In April, Apple executives had dampened expectations in this respect and put us off to a performance in 2019.

So we’ve reached the next year’s jump. We are eagerly waiting for Apple to give life to the most powerful and expensive home computer. In addition, there is hope that we will not only see new AirPods in 2019, but also, in the long run, the triple charger AirPower.

We wish you a happy new year and look forward to twelve exciting new ones Months!